Principal Interview: Ms. Smith

Alexa Land

Ms. Marci Smith, our curriculum resource administrator, does a lot of behind the scenes work. Not all of us see all of the extra work she puts in for the school. She’s a great and friendly principal but, do you know what she does for the school? Ms. Smith is in charge of everything that keeps our school running. She helps the teachers come up with different ideas of teaching, and she has a huge role in the testing department. When asked if their was anything she wanted to communicate with us students as the year is coming to an end she had a lot of great things to say. “I truly, honestly believe we have the best school in the state of Kentucky. We have the best teachers, students, and programs.” She is very excited for end of the year testing to come around the corner because this is the time students show off everything they know and have learned. She is also looking forward to graduation. Graduation is always special, but this year she’s watching the last students that she has taught graduate. Ms. Smith is looking forward to the new freshman joining our school.

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