Seniors, We’re in the Home Stretch

Olivia Mohr

Some of us are lucky enough to not have developed senioritis. On the other hand, some of us developed it around the start of the second semester, some of us developed it around the beginning of the year, and some of us started having those restless feelings right around the start of freshman year. Whatever your case may be, and whether you’re excited, terrified, or a mix of the two, we’re almost outta here.

Yes, it’s pretty scary. Many of us are leaving our friends and families, and we have the chance to start afresh. We’re going to be introduced to the wonderful world of actually studying, financial stress, and of stressful late nights and little sleep. Even though all of that sounds daunting and I’m also a little terrified, I hope that some of the feelings I’m going to share about college will make you feel more confident and excited about it and that the transition will be less scary for you.

First of all, one amazing opportunity college offers is the chance to start with a blank slate. It’ll be the chance to make new friends and have new experiences. And don’t panic because of all the newness. Don’t forget that there will be other college freshmen and we’ll all be clueless together. Also, the professors and other staff are all super nice and helpful at most colleges and universities and they’ll help you out in a jam. Just don’t worry. Enjoy the chance for a fresh start and remember that you’re not alone even when it feels like you are. Plus, a lot of people on your campus won’t know many people there either, so it’ll be easy to make new friends.

Second, the food. The food, man. Who isn’t excited for it? I mean, restaurants and coffee shops on site is a pretty beautiful feature of college campuses. When you’re stressed about college, just think of all the glorious food-related opportunities awaiting you and you’ll feel loads better.

Another thing I am personally excited for is more freedom. We won’t have to sit still for seven hours a day and have everything planned out for us. We’ll have way fewer hours of class and more time to study on our own and do what we want. Enjoy it but don’t let it go to your head. It’s important to take time for yourself but it’s also important to focus on your studies.

If you are dreading leaving your parents and friends, don’t fret. You’ll adapt to college life. You’ll make new friends and hopefully stay in touch with your parents. Through it all, remember to breathe and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay. Because it will be. You’ve got this.


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