Why joining the military is beneficial

Austin Wohlford

Many people don’t know what they want to do after high school. Only 1% of the US population serves in our Armed Forces at any given time. Thirty-one of our nation’s presidents have served in the military in some way. There are many options available  and the military is one that can prepare you for a wide variety of jobs. Joining the military has many benefits. For example, they will pay for your schooling. It also teaches many good skills and prepares you for many jobs whether you choose to go to college or go straight into the workforce. Many people overlook joining the military because they don’t think that they have what it takes. Anyone can do it as long as they are determined and focused.

The skills that you will learn are time management, organization and discipline along with a many others. They will be applicable to almost every aspect of your life whether you make a career out of the military or choose another route. The military will teach you almost every skill you will need to be successful in life.

The way they great shape is through rigorous training and continuous exercise. This is also part of how they teach valuable skills such as discipline and organization. You don’t have to be in great shape to join you just have to have the desire to get better.

The thing that most people don’t know is that the military will pay for you to go to college. In addition they will train you to do a specific job in the military so you get to learn one job then go to college to learn another or expand on the job you have been doing. There are many great opportunities in the military, you just have to have the desire to learn.

Maybe add something about how this is a great opportunity for those who aren’t seeking college after high school. “There are many options available for students not going to college and the military is one that can prepare you for a wide variety of jobs even after your service has ended.


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