Meet Your Editors



Colton Williams is a senior editor of the Colt Nation. You probably know him. If he doesn’t know you, there may be a reason. He does, however, want everyone to read this newspaper, and to the first person that can come up to him and tell him ‘the fruit,’ he will give five dollars. Aside from his newspaper duties, Colton is one of your senior senators and an editor for Revolutionary Radio. He’s a reader, a writer, and master of all trades, jack of none. Matt Bevin also once gave him life advice. Pineapple.


Meredith Crockett is a senior editor of the Colt Nation. She has been on the newspaper staff since freshman year, and now heads the Newspaper Mafia. More on that later. In addition to her role as editor, Meredith is President of the Y Club, works for Refuge for Women, writes for Revolutionary Radio, and goes to bed at 8:30.


Evan Cook is the new Junior editor for the Colt Nation newspaper, and is happy to be joined by his co-editor, Mackenzie Brenner. He has run on the Cross Country and Track team since freshman year. He’s traced back his lineage to a highly advanced primitive monkey race back in the 1800s, and doctors and surgeons have found traces of developed ape DNA. While his intellect remains humanly advanced, his primitive nature reveals itself in his curiosity, wanderlust and the intense desire to climb things.


Mackenzie Brenner is excited to be a new addition to the Colt Nation editing team this year. She is President of the French club, participates in the drama program, Y Club, and serves on the junior student senate. She is not afraid of you. Outside of school, she volunteers with Special Olympics and attends the Southland Students youth group. Oh, and she listens to death metal.




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