Netflix Suggestions

By: Alyssa Vanderpool & Kerrigan Welch

Feeling bored and bummed now that summer is over? We’ve got the perfect solution: Netflix. Even though Netflix isn’t a new thing, it’s still one of the most popular ways for teenagers to spend their free time and definitely the go-to for procrastinators. Even if you’ve already spend tons of your time watching Netflix this summer, finished your favorite shows, and think you’ve seen the most entertaining movies, there’s always something more to watch. We’ve got the reviews on the most talked about shows you can find.
First off we’ve got One Tree Hill. One Tree Hill is the perfect show for any teenager looking for a relatable series. The drama first aired in 2003 and tells the story of a group of teenagers in North Carolina who face everyday struggles and then some as they try to keep their lives and friendships intact. If you’re looking for a drama packed show centered around basketball and typical teenage life, One Tree Hill will keep you hooked throughout all 9 seasons.
Next up is The Office, first aired in 2005. This comedic show is perfect for anyone who needs some humor in their life. It follows Michael Scott, the self proclaimed “world’s best boss” along with a variety of other main characters such as lovers Jim and Pam, and Dwight, the occasionally violent guy. The series goes through the daily life of a paper supply company and all the employees, who are more like a big family than colleagues.
Lastly we’re going to review the mysterious drama Pretty Little Liars. I’m sure everyone’s seen all the annoying tweets about PLL, but let me tell you more than what twitter tells! This show stars four best friends: Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily who are all four lost when their “leader” Allison mysteriously goes missing after a sleepover one night. As time passes and the girls grow apart, each girl randomly receives messages from “A” who knows secrets that only Allison knew and also knows new secrets that were created after her disappearance. If you’re looking for an addictive mystery with real life scenarios, this is the show for you!


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