Suicide Squad Review

By Taylor Hatton

You know what really grinds my gears? Suicide Squad grinds my gears to a pulp. This movies story is as sloppy as that three week old Krabby Patty that Spongebob fell in love with. The majority of the dialogue is embarrassing. It’s like watching your two year old child trying to put the square block in the circle hole. No matter how much you force it, it just doesn’t fit. The villain is so pathetic I have faced harder adversity when I stubbed my toe and had to fight back tears. The characters of Deadshot and Harley Quinn were great, actually they were fantastic, but some of Harley’s “comedic” lines were about as unfunny as this review. This movie nailed the soundtrack and when I say it, they nailed it into the ground. The first half of the movie is just one big Ice JJ Fish music video. The trailer made me feel like I was going to see the best movie of my life, this wasn’t even the best movie I’d seen this week! But despite all of its many flaws I saw Suicide Squad twice and I had a great time both times. Suicide Squad isn’t the best movie in the world, but if you grab a couple friends I guarantee you’ll have a fun time


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