Summer Internships and Adventures: Rachel Endicott

By Meredith Crockett
Every year, West Jessamine has a myriad of bright, talented, students who excel in fields far beyond the walls of our school. This summer, my dear pal, junior, Rachel Endicott took her skills in outdoor and adventure leadership into an internship with the local ministry AdventureServe. AdventureServe is a ministry that “seeks to create a Christ-centered community that encourages growth” by taking groups into the wilderness in hopes that they will have real, raw, connections with God through nature and all its challenges. This ministry is fairly unique and does amazing work throughout Kentucky and our surrounding states.
According to Endicott, “They do really fun stuff that you wouldn’t normally do with your youth group. (canoeing, kayaking, rappelling, rock climbing, etc.) You go on an adventure, with God right there.”
Though every day seemed to be an “adventure” for the campers, Endicott often found herself back at the camp sweeping halls, replacing sheets, and even doing laundry. Being an intern isn’t always as glamourous as one might think. But her diligent work obviously paid off in the long run. Rachel was given the opportunity to go rappelling in the gorge with an outside youth group from Indianapolis. This experience, the friends she made, and the support of the staff was the highlight of her summer and adds to her drive to return next summer.
Beyond the work, Rachel used her new position to make new bonds and friendships that she would have never made otherwise. She recounts, “there was a girl that started coming and helping out and she came from a rough background. We bonded really really well. She’s two years younger than me but we connected in such a special way, through the work we were doing. We came from such different backgrounds but we were able to find common ground in serving Jesus and AdentureServe.”
Even though school has started once again, Rachel is already looking forward to the next summer and even beyond that. She plans on continuing her work with AdventureServe until she graduates and eventually attending Asbury University where she can pursue a degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and work as a full time staff for AdventureServe.


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