Centaurs: Where Did You Come From and Where Did You Go?

By Evelyn Madill
There are a few main opinions as to where centaurs, creatures with a human torso and a horse’s body and legs, came from. The real question is where did they go?

Origins. Everyone comes from somewhere. Everyone also knows that Zeus was a major promiscuous player in Greek mythology and the various schemes and scandals that went on. During one of his unbridled debacles, Zeus created a cloud that looked like his beautiful wife, the goddess Hera, to trick a demigod named Ixion. Ixion had fallen in love with the real deal Hera, and Zeus was jealous (what a surprise). The relationship between Ixion and the cloud resulted in the birth of Centaurus, the first of the centaurs.

Where are centaurs now? That’s a good question. There are lots of theories as to why centaurs no longer roam the earth, but one stands out from the others. Firstly, horses, when they are born, can usually walk a few hours after they enter the world. Secondly, human babies’ necks can’t support the weight of their heads until they’re about six months old. The combination of these two factors would result in something that looks like this:
Needless to say, baby centaurs’ floppy heads combined with their running around like, well, wild horses, didn’t bode well for survival.  Unless a secret race of strong-necked centaurs is roaming the earth unbeknownst to the human race, their floppy baby necks are the reason we don’t see any centaurs today.

A Cool Fact: The reason centaurs were even put into Greek mythology was because some people hunted while riding bulls. I guess people just ignored the fact that the bull-riding-hunters were riding animals like the rest of the world was riding horses and automatically assumed they were melded with their steeds.


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