College Football Preview

By: Bradley Tullar
Well, after a very long offseason, college football is finally starting back up. After only one week, we have already had many thrilling games. From Louisville’s quarterback scoring 8 touchdowns in the first half to a top 10 team in Tennessee going into overtime on their home field against Appalachian State, there are already 6 top 25 teams that have lost a game.
When I think about college football, I think about the SEC. They’re easily the dominant conference in college football. An SEC team has won the National Championship 8 of the last 10 years. Will they make it 11? There’s a chance. I thought LSU could compete, but not after their loss in week one to Wisconsin. As of now, Alabama is looking very promising. In week one, they defeated USC, who was ranked 20th, 52-6. I believe that Alabama will go undefeated and be this year’s National Champions.
Game Of The Week: Notre Dame vs Texas
Notre Dame, a top 10 team, traveled down to face Texas, in week 1. The game was very close throughout the 4 quarters, and needed 2 overtimes to decide a winner. Texas ended up upsetting the Fighting-Irish 50-47.
Player To Watch: Eddy Pinerio
Many of you all won’t know who this is, but he is the best kicker in college football. He became famous over this past summer for hitting a 77 yard field goal. A kicker with this big of a leg does not come around often. Many games have come down to a field goal and, unfortunately, many teams don’t have a reliable kicker. In week one he went 3/3 hitting from 40, 48, and 49.


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