Election Season Knows Not the Word Kindness

By Mackenzie Brenner

The five seasons: summer, winter, spring, autumn, election. The fine line between reality TV show and campaign is becoming blurrier by the day; it seems that the only sounds surrounding November are about the potential greatness of our already great nation and powerful — scratch that — plagiarized speeches.
It’s been a true roller coaster ride thus far, and every dawn seems to bring new, angrier supporters out of the woodwork. They fight mercilessly for their cause (which is fine) but hurl personal insults at others expressing opposition. It’s easy to get carried away during a debate, but there is a line between passion and aggression.
The common rampaging supporter tends to push aside some key common knowledge: no one was ever converted after an argument. Have you ever engaged in a debate that concluded with your opponent agreeing with you fully? As much as we wish this would happen, it is almost never the case, especially with political disagreements.
So how do we reach common ground with our neighbors? The answer is, we usually can’t. This nation is so beautifully diverse because of our differences, whether it be in our nationality, in our religion, or in our opinion. A nationwide consensus can almost never be reached- so why are we still so aggressive? We have a tendency to tear each other apart on a personal level when we disagree, rather than handling opposition with kindness and a willingness to listen.
It is my hope that, as a school, we can come together despite our differences to become active and responsible citizens of tomorrow. It is for this reason that next month, West Jessamine High School will be holding a mock presidential election. Students will be voting for their candidate in English class on an online survey, and the results will be announced shortly thereafter. If you are 18, or will be before the election, you will have the opportunity to register to vote (for real this time) in the upcoming election.
We are no longer at a point in our lives where we can turn up our noses to political matters. It is our responsibility as citizens of this great nation to be knowledgeable about the people who run it. This election season, I encourage you to be bold, be passionate, be opinionated. But whether you hail from the far left, the far right, or somewhere in the middle, I urge you — be kind.


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