Extracurricular Opportunities at WJHS

By Kaili Carson

•    Academic Team
If you are a problem solver, great writer, or just a bright individual who enjoys academia then this team is for you! Contact Mrs. Jenkins or Mr. Angel for more information about this brainy bunch.

•     National Honor Society
This prestigious organization is open to Juniors and Seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. If you would like to serve your school and community through a nationally accredited scholastic organization, then consider joining NHS! Contact Mrs. Grace or Mrs. Gray for more information.

•    Beta Club
This merit based organization requires a minimum 3.0 GPA and performs important tasks such as planning the Homecoming dance. If you want to make an impact on your school and community then this may be the club for you! Contact Mrs. Williams for more information.

•    Art Club
Attention all artistic aficionados: the art club is always open to new members! If you love to sketch, paint, or sculpt then please consider joining this talented group.

•    Y-Club
It’s fun to stay at the… if you just sang “YMCA” then it’s a sign that you are destined for Y-club! Join a wonderful group of WJHS leaders as they complete service projects and attend two mock-government conferences: the Kentucky Youth Assembly and the Kentucky United Nations Assembly. For more information contact Mr. Grant or Mrs. Gilvin.

•    Chess Club
Queen a rook and a hard place? Chess club may just be the solution! Play intellectually invigorating games of chess with fellow WJHS students and learn new strategies to make your opponents look like little more than pawns.

•    Varsity Sports (includes baseball, softball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, bowling, etc.)
Whether you want to hit a homerun or score the winning goal, varsity sports are always a blast! WJHS has a variety of decorated sports teams to choose from, so don’t hesitate to go out there and demonstrate your athletic prowess!

•    Key Club
This global organization has one purpose and one purpose only: to serve the needs of those in need. Key Club at WJHS entails going out and giving back to the Jessamine County community in whatever ways possible. For more information, contact Mrs. Cooper or Mr. Brown.

•    Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU)
Did you know that cigarettes contain over 4,000 different compounds, many of them being toxic and even carcinogenic? If turns your stomach in the same way that it does mine and would like to speak to middle schoolers about the dangers of tobacco use, then you are perfect for Teens Against Tobacco Use! Contact Mrs. Mattmiller for more information.

•    Postponing Sexual Involvement (PSI)
If you are willing to speak to students at West Jessamine Middle School about the sensitive issue of abstinence and safe sexual intercourse then this may be the program for you. Contact Mrs. Mattmiller for more information.

•    Newspaper
What’s black and white and read all over… (I formally apologize to anyone who just read that pun). Anyways, if you love to write about anything from politics to school events then you should look into Newspaper! For more information about this syntactically superior club, contact Ms. Landon.

•    FCA
Even if you don’t participate in a sport, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes would be delighted to welcome you to their family! Come pray, sing, and grow in your faith with this group of compassionate young Christians on Friday mornings. For more information, contact Mr. Herndon.

•    French Club
Bonjour les étudiants yound intelligents de West Jessamine! If you have any idea what I just said then French club may just be your forte (even though that’s technically italian…). Join fellow Francophiles and deepen your knowledge of the French language as well as the French culture!

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