Principal Interview: Mr. Zeitz

By: Logan Sizemore

Our newest principal, Mr. Daniel Zeitz, has a long history of teaching. He received his degree at the University of Kentucky and has been teaching since 2000. He started out at East Jessamine High School and stayed there until 2011. After that, he became an assistant principal at Garrard County Middle School before coming to West.
When asked what his favorite thing about West was, he said he likes that the “vast majority of students are hard-working and want to better themselves.” As for his favorite part of his job, Mr. Zeitz said, “the opportunity to work with students one on one to grow into adulthood.”
Mr. Zeitz says that some of his goals for this school year are to “Increase attendance for the whole school and increase recognition for students who do well.”
He plans on achieving these goals by having monthly meetings about attendance and also growing along with both teachers and students.
Overall, Mr. Zeitz said he is very glad to be a part of our school and is very excited to see our school strive for the best.


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