Through the Quarterback’s Eyes

By Marcus Jones

Being a quarterback is no walk in the park. There’s more that goes into being a leader on a team than what it looks from the outside. You have to be willing to put in more time than anybody else on the team. You also have to be committed not only to the school but also to every individual on the team. A quarterback knows he has to show up to practice everyday and give his absolute best, keeping in mind all eyes are on him. As a leader on the team and being a senior, you have to know that everyone looks to you for guidance on what to do and how to do it. So, this is a little look into football through my eyes.
We will start off with a typical pass play. Just a simple two read pass. First of all, you have to tell everybody on offense the play before they leave the huddle. In this, a quarterback is responsible for speaking loud and clear and making sure everyone understands what to do and where to line up. When approaching the line of scrimmage, it is necessary to check to make sure everyone is there. Next, I check to see how many safeties the defense decided to line up. Typically, safeties line up ten to twelve yards deep, so they are pretty easy to spot. Next, I call out the cadence loud enough for our wide receivers to hear. When the ball is snapped and caught, I immediately take my eyes to the first read. If the read allows, I throw the first ball. However, if that read shows that he won’t be open, my eyes move to the second read. From there it’s pretty simple. If the read allows, throw the ball. If the read does not allow, throw the “check down” route. This may sound very simple but all this happens very fast.
The last play is the running play. Most of the actions are the same for running and pass plays but run plays are a lot simpler. After the ball is snapped, I turn the proper way to give the running back the ball. All the hard stuff happens before the ball is snapped. If the play needs to be flipped over, then I make the call and everyone knows that the play is going the other way.
That was a small look at what it’s like being a quarterback. There’s a lot more to it than what I can fit into this article. Overall the eyes of a quarterback are no different than anyone else’s. The only difference is that we recognize little things that other people don’t.


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