Wii U Games To Play With Friends

Kayla Morris

Imagine that it’s almost the weekend and you plan on having friends over to play some games on the Wii U. You aren’t sure of what games might be fun to play with your friends. Well, here’s a list of multiplayer Wii U games that I would highly recommend.

Super Mario 3D World
Mario and the gang are back in a new adventure to the Sprixie Kingdom. With eight worlds and lots of creative design, this game will leave you in awe. The game supports up to four players and you can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach (who for once isn’t the one being kidnapped). Each character has different stats that can give everyone a chance to shine while playing. Mario is the most balanced, Luigi jumps the highest, Toad runs the fastest, and Peach flies the farthest. Playing with three other people can make the gameplay chaotic but also very enjoyable.

Mario Kart 8
The eighth installment of the Mario Kart series has been one that I always find myself coming back to. The game supports up to four players and has a variety of characters to choose from. There are eight cups as usual, four being the nitro cups which shows the new courses, and the other four being the retro cup which brings back course from previous installment. However, there are four more cups added that you can purchase as DLC as well as new characters and karts. You are able to customize your Karts and there are many gameplay options that your friends can choose from such as Grand Prix and VS that will have you and your friends racing to best each other.

Super Smash Bros Wii U
Yeah, how many of you saw this one coming? This is the fourth installment of the Super Smash Bros series and there is a lot you can do. If you have a lot of friends over, you are able to choose an Eight Player Smash option which will of course support up to eight players. There are plenty of characters to choose from so you’ll be able to find a play style that suits you the best. In fact, there are fifty-eight characters that you can choose from, seven of them being DLC characters. There are many ways you can choose to play this fighting game. You can play casually or go full on competitive against your friends. There is also an option called Smash Tour, which is in the style of Mario Party, where you go across a board collecting characters and stats, and then at the end you fight your friends with the characters you’ve collected. This is a game I would highly recommend.

You probably haven’t heard about this game, but I can tell you this one is really fun. Runbow is a game where you and your friends can race each other, duke it out in arena, try to outsmart the colormaster, and even take on the hardest challenge in the game, Bowhemoth. The game supports up to nine players in all of it’s gameplay options. It’s a color based game which means that the colors in the background will change, revealing and getting rid of certain platforms you may be on as well as making more obstacles to get through. There are many characters that you can unlock as you make achievements. There are many options that your friends can choose from making this game a fun experience.


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