Destiny Floyd

Destiny Floyd is a senior at West Jessamine High School. She has a job at Hardee’s; she has been there for about 8 months and things couldn’t get any better. Yet, she has plans for the future– she is a hard worker and she never slacks off. She has a very big family from all over, and she barely knows some of them, and she is very close to her mom. Destiny likes to draw and write but only if she knows what she’s talking about. Sometimes she is very independent, yet sometimes she hangs out with friends. She loves to go shopping and go out to eat if her family is up for it. Her favorite movie if furious 7, and sometimes she likes to read if the book is looks interesting. Believing in doing anything that she sets her mind to, she knows that you can never give up in life. She is afraid of someone telling her that she can’t do something, because she knows she’s capable of anything. She loves to laugh and make jokes. She is very intelligent and caring for others.

Articles written by Destiny

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