Ezra Boileau

Ezra Boileau is a Junior at West Jessamine High School. His favorite activities include running, rock climbing, and hanging out with his friends. Ezra is a member of West’s Cross Country team and would encourage people who don’t do other fall sports to join. He encourages people to start running because it is fun, the team atmosphere is amazing, and it is a good way to stay healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle. In regards to climbing, Ezra is as he puts it “a scrub.” Although he is relatively new to the sport, he highly enjoys the physical and mental challenge of climbing. He describes this balance as: “basically it’s like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle while also doing an excessive number of pull ups with your fingers, and that challenge is extremely intriguing to me.” Ezra feels that West has supplied an amazing supply of what he considers to be key in any good learning environment: great people. When talking about his friends Ezra says: “I have been extremely blessed with the friends that I’ve made and continued throughout my High School career. I was homeschooled in middle school and coming into West, I had 2 really good friends. While these are still some of my closest friends, I have been blessed with many other friends, and  that has made High School way easier.” Ezra also hopes to restart the recycling program at some point in this spring semester. “Environmentalism is really important to me because I love the outdoors, and I cannot stand the thought of waste contaminating beautiful places. The recycling program was so key in West last year and I had the pleasure of helping deal with it in Ms. Parrot’s class. As a school, we produce more waste than you can imagine, and it’d be a shame to not at least make an effort to reduce the cost that wastes have on our world.”