Intramurals: A Hubble Telescope for West’s Stars

Jack Bandy

The image on the left is what a person can see in the sky on a clear night. The white box represents a region which appears completely dark and empty to the human eye. The image on the right, however, shows what the Hubble telescope saw after absorbing light waves from this “white box” region for some 500 hours. A different tool made the same reality appear very different.

That’s exactly what the intramural basketball league has done for West High. Each game reveals a new star. After four seasons of high school basketball spent on the bench, senior Grant Wells now has his chance to shine. “It was kinda weird, you know, scoring more points in one intramural game than in my entire high school career combined.” In his team’s season-opener, Wells had a league-high 23 points with 18 of them from behind the 3-point line.

The league opened registration several weeks ago and filled up all eight team spots, each team with six players to total 48 players in the league. After every team plays each of the other seven teams, the league committee plans to have a post-season tournament. “I was really impressed with how it all came together so well. I mean, you’ve got refs, stats, rankings. It’s the real deal. They’ve even got their own website!” said junior Carson Ball, captain of Hufflepuff (1-1).

Among other interests, the league’s pre-season top-ranked team “Old School” has drawn much attention. The team consists of head basketball coach Damon Kelley, along with four other staff members and two members of the coaching staff. So far, Old School has lived up to the pre-season hype and will be a threat come tournament time.

As the league’s co-founder and co-commissioner, I hope the intramural league demonstrates the innovative spirit of the “West Way” and inspires the student body to build more telescopes.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: How to Survive Being Third Wheeled

Mia Zanzucchi

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “awkward third wheel?” Urban Dictionary defines it as “one who deters the socialization of a couple, perhaps when being invited out of pity or through a feeling of duty. This person may be eased into the situation by being allowed to stay in an environment he or she has become accustomed to (perhaps a kitchen, where the third wheel can bake cookies for the couple.)” Being the awkward third wheel may sound like a death sentence, but with a little charm and humor, it can become bearable. Take it from me. I’m what you would call a professional third wheel.

It’s clearly not a serious date if you’re there, right? So don’t worry about getting in the way. Honestly. If they’ve dragged you with, it’s also possible that they’re nervous and don’t want to be completely alone. This is the perfect situation to make a few jokes to lighten the mood and make yourself feel less lonely.  It’s up to you, the designated third wheel, to make the night fun.

But don’t spend the whole time whining about being forever alone. Nobody likes a sad sack. Make a joke out of it (“Aw, you guys are so cute! Hey, maybe my cat will finally sit by me!”) But don’t be the date-dampening Negative Nelly.

So should you find yourself third wheeled, just remember: relax and enjoy yourself! The date/party/evening won’t last forever. Embrace the awkward, and let the laughs come rolling in.



 “Laugh at yourself, but don’t ever aim doubt at yourself. Be bold.”
-Alan Alda, actor and writer

Senior Spotlight: Troy Lee

College: Bellarmine University

Major/minor: Biology

Best Memory of High School: Senior year soccer season

Favorite class/teacher/subject: Mr. Corman and Mrs. Brown, any science class

The thing I will miss most about high school will be… the great friendships I made while attending West

The thing I will miss least about high school will be… same classes every dayThe thing I am most looking forward to in college is… being away and on my own, college sports games, and new friendships

My advice for underclassmen is… don’t lose confidence, remember that amateurs built the ark, professionals built the titanic. Don’t lose hope if you don’t find success your first try.

In Tune With: Fabian Leon

Favorite Band: The Mountain Goats
Favorite Song: For the Moments I Feel Faint, Relient K
Favorite Album: MMHMM, Relient K
How many songs are on your iPod or phone? 4,353
If I could only see one band live, it would be… Relient K
The band or singer I would most like to hang out with for a day would be… Dan Bakitus

Smooth Lines Equal Good Times

Grant Wells

Guys and girls, with spring break rapidly approaching and a recent “wave” of us heading to various beaches and warm locations as our destinations, we will be among thousands of other high school students and making new friends. Meeting new people can be awkward. With that in mind, here are some key phrases compiled by the newspaper staff to assist you in breaking the ice with new groups of people on Spring Break.

1.      I must be lost… because I see paradise.
2.      I don’t know which is prettier today, the water, the sky, or your eyes.
3.      You may not be able to tell by the looks of me, but I can run really fast.

All in all, I wish everyone a safe and fun spring break and encourage everyone to make the right decisions and enjoy the time away!

Dressing Down the Dress Code

Carter Hahn

Here at West Jessamine we have a dress code, and it is written in the code of conduct. But is it too relaxed? Junior Carson Ball: “I think it should be more enforced. I think forcing khakis and a button-up would be beneficial to the school.” This may be a bit extreme, but it is something to think about. Are the yoga pants too much? What about pajama pants or hats? I personally have never seen anything too far out of dress code, but there are little things here and there that may be crossing the line.

I see too many students breaking the code like this one here, where a student’s undergarments are hanging out of their pants. When a teacher sees this they are supposed to fix the issue, but do they?

Colt Nation would like your feedback. Is West Jessamine’s Dress Code too relaxed, or is it good enough? E-mail your answers to We will print responses in the next issue!

Twitter Toppers: April

Carson Ball

Top Tweets of the Month:
@bns1995: All I want with my life is for me to have at least one good story
@GrantWells24: Tank top season is the best season.
@JillJones_: I think I’m addicted to cornbread…
@jharm03: I swear every time I’m around Jillian, she’s eating cornbread (-_-)
@JoshACorman: Stopped clocks are right twice a day.

Irgangnam Style: Prom Edition

When I think of prom, I think of long flowing dresses for girls and three-piece suits for guys. However, as I was looking through a recent prom catalog, that’s not what I found at all. The way that you can really personalize your prom wear was interesting and slightly entertaining. The “cowboy,” “mod” and “usual” just to name a few were so varied that you could have your own style in each section. I personally will be wearing a normal suit and keeping it classy. To be honest, guys just go along with what your date likes and it will be more enjoyable for both of you. To the ladies, don’t get too demanding. It isn’t cute. All in all prom is a once or twice in a lifetime experience so just make it enjoyable. Ciao!

Spring is a Busy Time for FFA

It’s spring time once again here in Jessamine County, and for FFA members that means one thing: competition time! Our FFA chapter has been kicking tail here the past few weeks at many local, regional, and state level competitions. Here is a rundown of some of the recent successes:

Bluegrass Regional Speaking Contest
Floral Impromptu: Joseph Brock – Excellent
Extemporaneous: Sarah Warren – Excellent
Creed Speaking: Casey Simpson – Superior 1st
Goat Impromptu: Derrick Simpson – Superior 3rd 

WJHS Members of the Superior 1st Parliamentary Procedure Team:
Derrick Simpson
Sarah Warren
Joseph Brock
Fabian Leon

Bluegrass Region Paperwork Day
Beef Production Entrepreneurship: Rod White – Superior 1st
Agriculture Communications: Sarah Warren – Superior 1st
Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship: Rod White – Superior 1st
Turf Grass Management: Dalton Knight – Superior 1st
Outdoor Recreation Placement: Derrick Simpson – Superior 1st

Jessamine County Scarp Book compiled by Sarah Warren – Superior

2013-2014 Bluegrass Regional Vice President: Sarah Warren

Photo: Sarah Warren

Spring Break Plans Vary Wildly for Students and Staff

Skyler Reisig

Spring break is almost always a fun time, whether it’s catching up on sleep, visiting long distance friends and family or going on a vacation. For some people this spring break could be the beginning of the rest of their lives, such as Mr. Green and Ms. Slaton (they’re getting married!), or just some seriously needed downtime. Looking at others, this spring break is going to be all about traveling such students who have taken AP social studies classes and are going to China, or others who are going to France. There are also people going to visit friends and family in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. Some are vacationing in places like Hilton Head, South Carolina and Florida.

When asked what she thinks about Spring Break, Lara Baggili said, “I feel that it’s a nice break from all the studying and all the work that we have to do.” Also when asked if she plans on doing any homework, she replied, “Maybe last minute homework on the last day. I mean, if I have to do homework it will be last minute homework on the last day.”

If you’re like Lara, then your stay-cationing, so here are a few ideas to brighten your spring break if you are: camping, going to the mall, hanging out with friends, playing video games, sleeping, throwing a party, going to a party, going to Champs, going to the movies, and if the weather allows it, tanning. Whether you’re going somewhere fun or staying you can turn this Spring break into a success!