In Tune With: Kelsey Dunaway

Favorite Band: Freelance Whales
Favorite Song: I Still Think, Darren Criss
Favorite Album: Darkside of the Moon, Pink Floyd
How many songs are on your iPod or phone? 1,436
If I could only see one band live, it would be… Fun.
The band or singer I would most like to hang out with for a day would be… Darren Criss


West has Five Kentucky Governor’s Scholars

Mia Zanzucchi

The Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program is a unique, selective, and competitive summer academic opportunity open to juniors across the state of Kentucky. This year, the program accepted five academically outstanding students from West. The five week residential program rewards rising seniors with generous guaranteed scholarships to in-state schools.

·Gavin Davis wants to attend Murray State for pre-vet undergrad and Auburn for vet school before becoming a small animal vet.

·Noah Dixon wants to go into neuroscience but is still looking at several Ivy League universities.

·Catherine Graham wants to attend University of Kentucky for pre-med and Vandy or Duke for graduate school before going into dermatology.

·Isaiah Kang is currently undecided in both major and school but is considering engineering.

·Bradley Phelps plans to study astrophysics at University of California: Berkeley

Galloway Goes into Retirement

Skyler Reising

Mr. Galloway will greatly be missed by colleagues and former students. Here at WJHS, we pride ourselves on being number eight in the state, according to U.S. News and World Report rankings. One of the primary things that permit us to maintain that ranking is the dedicated staff. Mr. Galloway has been an important member of the WJHS staff for a long time. One of his most memorable experiences was when the tornado hit; luckily no-one was seriously injured. Another memorable experience was West High having the highest A.P. scores in the state with the help of his A.P. U.S. History students. The thing he will miss the most will be “the overall learning process”, a thing I’m sure is very wonderful to all of our teachers. One of the only things Mr. Galloway will not miss, however, will be the war against cell phones, an everyday battle here at our school. He is greatly appreciated by current students as well as past students he’s influenced over the years.